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SGPA stands for Semester Grade Point Average. It is a grading scheme used by many universities. Mathematically, it is the weighted mean of the grades achieved in various subjects with the credits allotted to the subjects acting as weights. To Calculate SGPA, you must know the credits allotted to each subject. The credits are usually mentioned on the syllabus.
Once you know that, multiply the credit allotted to each subject with the grade achieved in that subject and add the products. Divide this sum by sum of all credits to get your SGPA.

This SGPA calculator is specially designed according to the grading scheme of Pokhara University (PU), Nepal.

Now, you can also calculate GPA for the SEE/SLC exam of Nepal.

Also, You can change the settings for grading scheme as per your need and calculate your own GPA/SGPA.
Just edit the grading scheme (from below) according to your university and start calculating.

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Edit the following grading scheme according to your University rule, and then calculate your SGPA.
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